About Ray of Hope

Our mission is to uplift those in dire need through sharing personalized videos from the many luminaries and game-changers who share our thirst to make a difference.

Our Story

Longtime friends Ray Lewis and John Brenkus bonded over a common principle: sending positive energy to those in need.

It all began when Brenkus asked Lewis to record a short video for a friend who had been diagnosed with stage-4 brain cancer. The next day, a friend asked Brenkus to record a similar video for a high school athlete who was paralyzed from a football injury.

Within six months, both had made dramatic progress in their recoveries.

Requests for uplifting video messages for both Lewis and Brenkus kept coming in. These simple favors became a passion, and the positive energy built upon itself. Together, these two positive, inspiring men started The Ray of Hope Foundation, an organization bringing hope to those in need through uplifting, personalized video messages.


Who We Are

Ray Lewis


Super Bowl MVP, sports analyst, and philanthropist, Ray has been involved in charitable activities throughout his career, including annual celebrity auctions and bowling tournaments, the Great Maryland Duck Derby, and more. Ray is a recipient of the JB award (named for CBS broadcaster James Brown), and the "Act of Kindness" Award for work benefiting the community.


John Brenkus


John is the creator and host of 6x Emmy-Award winning "ESPN Sport Science," author of NYT Best-seller "The Perfection Point," and co-creator of BRINK OF MIDNIGHT. John is also co-founder and co-CEO of BASE Productions, a company specializing in reality TV programs for Spike, National Geographic, and ESPN.


Rob Vaka


Rob spent the last decade bringing hope to thousands, first as co-founder of G2G Collection, which generated nearly $10 million for charitable causes, and currently through SignaturePRO, helping the best and the brightest in sports, entertainment, and business, live more confident and rewarding lives.


How it Works

If you have a friend or loved-one who’s struggling with health issues or other traumatic events, use our simple form to request a personalized message from someone on our roster. Our roster includes well-known celebrities in sports, entertainment, and other fields, including Ray Lewis, Scout Bassett, and Daymond John, just to name a few.

Our celebrity records a personalized video message combining words of hope and encouragement along with information you provide. The video is then sent electronically the person you specify.


There’s no cost to make a request. But for those receiving our messages, knowing someone they respect and admire is in their corner can be absolutely priceless.

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